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These Dying Embers
Rated: Teen
WC: 4524 (WIP)
The Dragons had won the war and humanity was enslaved, given as pets and servants to young dragon children. Sherlock had never wanted a pet of his own, and each one given to him was immediately discarded. Of course, when given the choice, Sherlock chooses the most dangerous pet of all: a certain captain by the name of John Watson.
My Soul to Keep
Rated: Teen
WC: 1934 (WIP)
It was no fault of his own that John Watson became the target of a demon...
Fan the Flame
Rated: Explicit
WC: 1001
When John Watson first decided to attend Uni, he was positive that he would be able to keep his tentacles a secret. Of course, from the second his new roommate stepped into their room, his secret went right out the window.
Rated: Teen
WC: 1597
When Sherlock is in an accident and loses the last eight years of his memory, John must come to terms with the fact that his best friend doesn't know him anymore. His biggest worry, however, is how Sherlock will react when John comes for a visit.
Rated: Explicit
WC: 7608 (WIP)
When a few of the adult entertainers at Treasure Island Media drop dead from seemingly accidental causes, no one bats an eyelash. That is, until one of them leaves a note... Now Sherlock must find the person responsible for these deaths, or someone else may die, particularly a short blond who goes by the stage name John, and Sherlock's current obsession.
Rated: Explicit
WC: 1586
Sherlock just wants to know more about John's tentacles.
Rated: General
WC: 995
Sherlock had discovered long ago that if he kept his curly hair long enough, he could easily hide his dark, pointy ears, flattening them against his scalp.
Rated: Teen
WC: 1235
Sherlock was fourteen years old the first time he saw the human prince...
Rated: Teen
WC: 2336 (WIP)
The last thing John remembered was being shot in the middle of a hot Afghani desert. When he woke up on a cold metal slab in the middle of a sterile, white room, he was more than a little confused.
Rated: Teen
WC: 7671 (WIP)
He is the third child of God, born of sin and earth, forgotten as the man he is. He walks the earth, feeding off pain and destruction, but finding no delight in it. Not desiring human company, Death walks the earth alone, until one day he finds solace in an Army doctor who steals his victims by the dozens.

Oh my god, These Dying Embers has 400 kudos!!! I’ve never had a fic get so many before…I think I might cry a lil



Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.


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Try me.

go ahead and fuckin do it

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Aaaahhhh! My new computer is finally up and working! Now I can start working on fanfic again!!!


Halloween falls right in the middle of asexual awareness week.
So, like, I’m not saying asexuals are super awesome skeleton warriors, but let’s look at the facts here…

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whenever you refresh your dashboard and no one is posting:


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when you brush your teeth you are petting your skeleton for a job well done

What the fuck.

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Blog of John H. Watson on January 29th: [here]

Celebrating the first day they met!

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Fandom: BBC Sherlock

“‘the killer is anderson;’ said Sherlock. ‘because he is a douche’.”

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Fandom: Sherlock

"Sherlock was inside their fridge.

Just sitting there.


The fridge.

Wearing a Storm Troooper helmet.”

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this photo makes me feel like someone traveled to an alternate dimension and brought back something that shouldnt exist

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A woman’s place is in the house. And in the senate.

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